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Proaim Zyline Camera Offset Arms - Mitchell Mount | 3 Sizes

M-M: 12”, E-E: 20” | M-M: 24”, E-E: 32” | M-M: 36”, E-E: 44”

Original price £117.68 - Original price £288.29
Original price
£117.68 - £288.29
Current price £117.68

Offset Your Camera Effortlessly on Any Mitchell Dolly/ Tripod/Jib!


Extend Your Reach

Give your camera an extra reach with the Proaim Zyline Offset Arm that offers multiple camera positions with Mitchell mounts.
It lets you offset the camera from its original position on any Mitchell dolly, tripod, Jib/Cranes, or other Mitchell gears.
The high-quality gear accommodates all industry-standard Mitchell Fluid heads and gives you the additional benefit of getting some amazing underslung shots.

Proaim Zyline Offset Arm | 3 Sizes
Proaim Zyline Offset Arm | 3 Sizes


Available In Different Lengths

The Camera Offset Arm is available in three sizes: 12", 24", and 36", offering multiple camera positions to fulfill various setup needs.
The camera is offset by:
● 12" in the 12" model
● 12" or 24" in the 24" model
● 12”, 24", or 36" in the 36" model
All of these arms have female Mitchell receivers, although if you prefer a male Mitchell mount, we provide Male Mitchell Mount Spud as well as a 7/8" Nut, Bolt, and Step Washer.


Unlimited Rigging Possibilities

There are 1” built-in holes on arms for additional camera and rigging positions.
And the addition of 3/8"-16 threads on the arms expands rigging options for you.

Proaim Zyline Offset Arm | 3 Sizes

See how the Zyline Offset Arm Works



  High-Grade CNC Aluminum


  Industry-Standard Mitchell Gears


  12" Offset Arm: 2x Female Mitchell Receivers
                          Male Mitchell Mount Spud
                          3/8”‐16 female threads
                          1” diameter Mounting Hole
  24" Offset Arm: 3x Female Mitchell Receivers
                        Male Mitchell Mount Spud
                        3/8”‐16 female threads

                        2x 1” diameter Mounting Hole
  36" Offset Arm: 4x Female Mitchell Receivers

                        Male Mitchell Mount Spud
                        3/8”‐16 female threads
                        3x 1” diameter Mounting Hole


Proaim Zyline Offset Arm | 3 Sizes

Product Weight(Without Packing)

12" Offset Arm: 4.5kg / 9.92lb
24" Offset Arm: 6.13kg /13.51lb
36" Offset Arm: 7.73kg /17.04lb

Product Gross Weight(With Packing)

12" Offset Arm: 5.83kg /11.86lb
24" Offset Arm: 7.48kg /16.49lb
36" Offset Arm: 9.3kg /20.50lb

In the Box

Proaim Zyline 12" Offset Arm (OA-ZYLN-12)
Proaim Zyline 24" Offset Arm (OA-ZYLN-24)
Proaim Zyline 36" Offset Arm (OA-ZYLN-36)

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  • Do you sell anything that has the ability to have (2) Mitchell heads side by side ?

    The Proaim Zyline Offset Arm has the Mitchell mount on both sides.

  • What is the payload rating of the Proaim Zyline 36\" Offset Arm?

    The Proaim Zyline 36" Offset Arm can easily take upto 100 kgs as it is a solid aluminium construction.