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The Ideal Dolly for Filmmakers-on-the-Go!

Stable & Lightweight Platform – Easy to Transport.


Lightweight Design

The Spin Dolly is a Lighter and Compact version of the traditional Doorway Dolly. It combines all of the features of a full-sized doorway dolly and tracks dolly in a single, portable system.

The Spin Dolly is all about being on the go, with a tool-less setup and weighing only 30kg/66lb.

It is light enough for one person to handle and just easy enough to maneuver on the fly.

It is constructed of high-grade Aluminum for a more robust, yet lightweight build; and supports loads of up to 300kg/661lb.

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly
Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly


Smaller Size

Spin dolly addresses a situation where heavyweight was a big issue; we have customers who don't need a heavy unit, large crews, large setups, big camera rigs and grip trucks. They needed small size, light-weight, one-person dolly.

Spin Dolly solves all those problems; it is smaller in size, lightweight and easy to transport. It is so handy that it can fit into the boot of Car and can be taken anywhere conveniently.


Designed with Care

The Spin Dolly has a non-slip wooden platform for Operator convenience.

Low-maintenance – easy to clean bearings will serve you for a lifetime.

The Euro/Elemac mounts on to the platform allow you to attach a variety of Elemac accessories.

The Operator Seat can be mounted in six different positions for increased setup flexibility.

Steering bar tilts down 270° for convenience of Dolly Grip.

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly
Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly


Adapted to All Requirements

Spin Dolly is an ultimate piece of equipment for many shots.

It can steer in both two-wheel or four-wheel steering, using the 4-Wheel Steer Rear Converter Module.
Four-wheel mode covers narrow radius/circle.
Two-wheel mode covers wider radius/circle.

It converts from the ground to track in seconds. In conventional dollies – you need to remove pneumatic wheels for installing track wheels. But in Spin Dolly, you just need to slide-in track wheels into the sockets on both sides of Dolly. This gives Spin Dolly the ability to roll onto the track without having to remove ground wheels.

Track wheels are designed to go on both Straight & Curve Tracks.


Pneumatic Wheels For Smoother Ground Shots

Pneumatic 11" wheels absorb shocks, resulting in smooth rides on a variety of surfaces. The larger diameter of these wheels means fewer revolutions and a resultant smoother ride overall than regular wheels. They work on even as well as rough surfaces, turn quietly, have proper ground clearance and protect floors.

You can adjust the tire pressure to suit the shooting or terrain situation. Use less pressure for a softer more forgiving ride on uneven or rougher surfaces.

The high-quality rubber withstands a lot of wear and tear while still maintaining its resilience.

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly

See how the Spin Dolly Works



  Chassis: Aluminum
  Platform: Wooden


  300kg / 661lb

Wheel Size

  Diameter-11”, Width-4”, Silver Steel Rim-5”

Minimum Turn Radius (Round Steering)

  25 Degree

Compatible Track Distance


Compatible Track Rail Diameter


Height from ground


Steering bar can tilt down


Platform Dimensions

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly

Product Weight (without packing)

  40kg / 88lb

Product Weight (with packing)

  50kg / 110lb

Packing dimension

  124x78x32 cm

In the Box

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly

User Manual


Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly
Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly

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  • Does Spin Dolly SKU:DL-SPIN-01 run on curved tracks

    Yes, The Proaim Spin dolly DL-SPIN-01 will work on the curved tracks with Center distance of 24.5"" & Track rail diameter of 25-45mm. Below are the compatible straight tracks with Proaim Spin Dolly 

    1) Proaim Stream 16ft Track for Heavy Camera Dolly & Crane, 2200 lb Payload 
    2) Proaim 16ft Heavy-duty Camera Dolly Track, CD-24.5” 
    3) Proaim Velvet Steel Track for Cine Camera Dolly, OD ⌀34mm, CD 24.5”