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Proaim Polaris Portable Video/Film Camera Dolly with 8ft Track

Payload: 200kg / 440lb

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Relish Effortless Gliding Moves with A Smaller Footprint!


Professional. Lightweight. Durable

Looking for a perfect solution to capture stunning tracking shots? Look no further than the Proaim Polaris dolly, designed for hassle-free operations and a smaller footprint, all while delivering stability and safety.
The kit comes with a robust yet light dolly track system for smooth, fluid movements.
Moreover, we've ensured that its durable, high-grade aluminum build provides subpar support to the entire camera setup for up to 200kg (440lb), thus guaranteeing the worth of the money spent.

Proaim Polaris Portable Video/Film Camera Dolly with 8ft Track


Secure & Easy Mounting

The versatile Dolly offers multiple mounting options, such as a Mitchell mount, 75mm and 100mm bowl adapters and an optional 150mm Mitchell bowl mount, and a cheese plate.
It allows you to mount your camera directly on the Dolly at floor level, & on a tripod, giving your setup flexibility.
Besides, we have given several ¼" -20 and ⅜" -16 threaded holes on each side and a 3/8" hole in the middle, allowing secure accessory mounting, such as LED lights or monitors.


Smooth & Seamless Operation

The dolly comes equipped with adjustable feet to work on rough surfaces with utmost ease.
It is equipped with an efficient braking system that keeps the dolly steady in one position.
It includes a 16-wheel design with floating trucks and high-speed SS bearings, giving smooth, silent, and squeak-free movements.

Proaim Polaris Portable Video/Film Camera Dolly with 8ft Track
Proaim Polaris Portable Video/Film Camera Dolly with 8ft Track


Sleek Tracks for Smooth Shots

The high-grade 8ft track is an extruded system with low weight and maximum strength to support the dolly.
The track ends are precisely cut to guarantee perfect connections, thus allowing smooth track-to-track transitions and ensuring safety via the provided locking knob.
Additionally, it instantly mounts to tripods and light stands (baby or junior stands), allowing users to start filming in no time.



  Dolly Platform: High-grade CNC Aluminum
  Bearings: High-Speed Stainless steel
  Tracks: High-grade CNC Aluminum
  Track Wheels: High-density Polyurethane


  Without Tracks: 5kg/11lb to 200kg/440lb


  Camera: 75mm & 100mm Bowl Adapters & Mitchell mount
                Optional Mitchell to 150mm adapter is available for purchase.
  Accessories: 2 x 3/8" Through Holes
                        2 x 1/4"-20 Threaded
                        2 x 3/8"-16 Threaded

Length of Track

  8 ft


Proaim Polaris Portable Video/Film Camera Dolly with 8ft Track

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  Dolly : 11.5kg / 25.3lb
  Track : 4.12kg / 9.08lb

Product Weight (With Packing)

  Product Gross Weight
                        Track : 5.90kg / 13.0lb
                        Dolly : 30.1kg / 66.3lb
  Product Volumetric Weight
                               Track : 7.52kg / 16.5lb
                               Dolly : 28.2kg / 62.2lb

In the Box

Polaris Dolly with 16 Wheels 75mm Bowl Adapter
100mm Bowl Adapter
Centre Support
Break System
Conversion Ring
2 x Universal Track Ends
4 x Foots
4 x Track Aluminum Pipes
Flight Case

In the Box


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