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Proaim Flexi Rig Pro – Camera Gimbal Support

For DJI Ronin/M/MX/R2 & Freefly MōVI M5/M10/M15

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Extra Comfortable Gimbal Support – for Long Production Hours!

Turns Your Motorized Gimbal into a Body-Worn Stabilizer for Longer Durations of Stable Handheld Video Shooting.

Vertical Axis Stabilization. Extended Range of Motion. Increased Flexibility & Freedom.

Setup in Less than 2 Minutes. Pass through a Doorway or Sit in a Car with Ease!

If you've been doing research for a camera support system compatible with all 3-Axis Gimbals, then Proaim Flexi Rig Pro is the paramount choice. Flexi Rig Pro is a lightweight Shoulder Mount Camera Support System which is compatible with DJI Ronin (all models), Freefly MōVI and various gimbals. Flexi Pro supports your handheld gimbal system and takes the load right off your arms and evenly distributes the weight across your hips. By redistribution of weight, you can have longer run times with the system and can better focus on the framing and movement of your shots. Two sided dampening on each rod softens Y axis translations such as the operators gait providing a more stable and usable image. Made from Commercial-grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel, it easily carries camera setups up to 15kg/33lb. An ergonomic and adjustable backpack design - Maximizes Your Comfort; Eradicates Your Fatigue!

Heavy Duty Camera Rig for Ronin Gimbal



- Upgraded Flexi Rig Pro - Body Vest Support designed for DJI Ronin (all models), Freefly MōVI & Similar Gimbals
- Ergonomically-Placed Padding transfers weight into anatomically appropriate areas
- Adjustable waist strap from 28”- 46”, to get the most comfortable size
- Breathable & Precisely fit jacket allows for unrestricted arm movement
- Adjustable height and tension control to fine-tune weight-bearing characteristics
- Lightweight & Comfortable Design - offers great flexibility & manoeuvrability


The lightweight & cushioned vest made from Sweat-free Breathable Fabric, is equipped with nylon Shock-absorbing Bungee Elastic Cord which eliminates stress & provides support for long hours of shooting. The vest fits easily on all body types. It features adjustment on 3 areas – height/shoulder, tension & waist. You can easily adjust the tension of the elastic and shoulder length, by changing the position of red knobs on the plate, depending on body fit & setup weight. You can adjust the waist, from 28” to 46” as per your fit, by adjusting the Velcro straps on your own. Push-fit buckles make it easy & comfortable to wear. The upper system allows free movement of the shoulders. The resultant feel is of increased lightness and control.

Best Shoulder Rig for Ronin


You can change the position of your camera gimbal setup; move it either closer or farther by means of these support rods. The high-strength aluminum rods can be adjusted with the knob for better overall stability and balance.

Cheapest Shoulder Rig for Ronin2

Best Shoulder Rig for Ronin

The supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose

- Construction: Commercial-grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel
- Material of Vest: Foam-Padded, Sweat-free Breathable Fabric
- Compatible Gimbals: DJI Ronin (all models), Freefly Movi (M5/M10/M15) & Similar
- Load Capacity Minimum: 5kg
- Load Capacity Maximum: 15kg / 33lb
- Height/Shoulder Adjustment: Yes
- Tension Adjustment: Yes
- Waist Adjustment: 28” to 46”
- Product Weight with Bag: 6.30kg / 13.88lb

- Proaim Flexi Rig Pro
- 2 x Elastic Cord
- Bag Packing

  • What is the difference between ST-FLEXI-PRO and P-GBD-01?

    The Proaim Flexi Rig is based on a system of Bungee Fabric that works as a spring whereas the Proaim Gimbal bird is more like an Exovest system that's based on Springs in the arm.
    Since, the Proaim Flexi Rig is a bit light weight whereas the Proaim Gimbal bird is springs based therefore tension can be adjusted on the payload, besides it will provide a flexible and smooth response on curves.