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Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb

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Built For The Fearless

The Most Adaptable Isolator EVER!

The Ultimate Adventure-Ready Companion!

Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb

Capture Naturally Smooth Shots

No moving shot is too rough for Proaim Cyrus, it absorbs all of the bumps and vibrations.

Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb

Highly Adaptable

Adapts Any Camera Gimbal Setup ranging from 5-50kg/11-110lb.

Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb

Quick to Mount

Easily mounts on Mitchell Tripods, Cranes, Jibs, Sliders, Shock Absorber Arms and Dolly Systems.

See how the Cyrus Vibration Isolator Works



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  Over-slung/Under-slung:  8 Black Shock Modules: 30-50kg / 66-110lb
                                              8 Red Shock Modules: 15-20kg / 33-44lb
                                              8 Blue Shock Modules: 5-10kg / 11-22lb
  Payload of Single Module: Single Black Shock Module: 5 kg / 11lb
                                              Single Red Shock Module: 2.2 kg / 4.8lb
                                              Single Blue Shock Module: 0.950 kg / 2.09lb


  Top: Mitchell
  Bottom: Mitchell & 3/8”-16

Compatible Gimbals

  DJI Ronin, Freefly Movi

Cable diameters (no load - load)

  14.25" - 14.75"

Top Plate

  Diameter: 9"

Bottom Plate

  Diameter: 13.25"
  Diameter w/o tether point: 11.95"

Top/Bottom Plate Thickness




Mounting Threads

  1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16

Temperature Range

  -20° to 50°C / -4° to +122°F

Product weight (Without Packing)

  5.64kg / 12.4lb

In the Box

  Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator
  8 x Heavy Modules with Tension Cables (Black)
  8 x Medium Modules with Tension Cables (Red)
  8 x Light Modules with Tension Cables (Blue)
  Flycam Quick Release Mount for DJI Ronin (DJI-QR)
  Universal Cheese Plate Adapter
  6.10mm Screws - 4pcs

User Manual

Exceptionally Capable Isolator System

Proaim Cyrus - the Most Versatile Camera Vibration Isolator system.

The precise engineering offers you Incredible Off-Road and All-Weather Capability.

The Safe & Secure Design - allows you to shoot with Confidence. This unique design easily handles large Remote Pan Tilt heads and Gimbal systems like the DJI Ronin or Freefly MōVI.

The Isolator absorbs all Jerky movements from the shots, be it Over-slung or Under-slung, whether on a vehicle, crane, jib, or a dolly.

Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb
Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-50kg/11-110lb

Built with Precision

The Proaim Cyrus Shock Absorbing System offers a 5-50 kg / 11-110 lb heavy payload capacity.
It has a universal 3/8”-16 screw for mounting gear or accessories.
It utilizes strategically configured Shock Modules with Tension Cables to support the gimbal & absorb inertial movements.
The Interchangeable Shock Modules allows highly fine-tuning of different camera setup weights, which adapts to 98 Combinations for different Payloads.

Wide Absorption Range

Interchangeable Shock Modules can be set up as 8,or 4 modules.
These modules come in three strengths: Light, Standard and Heavy duty.
These modules can also be combined with various strengths to achieve the exact payload displacement and stability you need.
Blue Light Duty: DSLR, smaller Digital Cine Cameras or hard-mounted camera without a gimbal.
Red Medium Duty/Standard: RED, Canon C300, heavy DSLRs with Cine primes with a gimbal-like a MoVI M5/M10/M15/Pro, Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX
Black Heavy Duty: RED, Alexa Mini, Ursa Mini Pro, Phantom Flex, etc. package with cine zoom, heavy primes and a large gimbal like a MoVI XL or Ronin 2


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  • Will this work with Fisher dolly?

    Yes , the Proaim Cyrus Camera Vibration Isolator VI-CYRS-01 will work with Fisher dolly but you will have to use the Proaim Mitchell Washer & 3/8"-16 Tie-Down Knob P-MTDK-01.

  • Could I mount this on a tripod? Or is there a model I could use on a tripod? If yes then what accessories will I need to mount the isolator on the stand?

    We can mount the VI-CYRS-01 on the P-MTCL-STD with the help of a Proaim Mitchell Washer & 3/8"-16 Tie-Down Knob  (P-MTDK-01)