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Proaim Airwave V530 Shock-Absorbing Arm for Camera Gimbals (5-15kg) | Customizable for 30kg Payloads

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  • Is this arm compatible with dji rs3 pro?

    Yes, this Proaim Airwave Vibration Isolator Arm will be compatible with the dji rs3 pro , however to use them in best secure way, you should use the Proaim Power Supply Base Plate P-RS2 with the Proaim Quick Release Plate P-QRG.
    The min. weight bearing capacity of the Proaim Airwave Arm VI-ARWV-530 is 5 Kgs , so you should consider first balancing the product with atleast this amount of weight.

  • I want to mount DJI Ronin RS2 using your Power Supply Base to the Proaim Airwave V530

    For mounting the DJI Ronin RS2 using the Proaim Power Supply Base onto the Proaim Airwave V530 Isolator Arm, you need to attach the Proaim Quick Release plate P-QRG and Proaim Power Supply P-RS2.
    Here are the links for your reference:

  • What is the difference between VI-252-00 and VI-ARWV-530?

    The main different between both the items are:
    VI-252-00 comes only with Vibration Isolator Arm whereas VI-ARWV-530 comes with Vibration Isolator Arm & Front Section with 3-way Damper System.   

  • What size speed rail do i use for the v530 arm?

    With the Proaim Airwave V530 Shock-Absorbing Arm, you can use a speed rail of 1.5 - 2"/38-50mm.