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Proaim 32ft Grand Camera Jib/Crane Package for Filmmakers & Production Units

Proaim Wave-5R 32ft Jib With W5-STD Stand, Spin-3 Pan Tilt Head & D-37 Tripod Dolly

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Conquer Cinematic Brilliance

Aiming For Dramatic Angles, High-Reliability & Maximum Performance.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

A Powerhouse

Complex shots made easy! Experience an ease of movement with this highly-functional Jib/Crane.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Rock-Solid Base

Jib Tripod Stand with a versatile Dolly facilitates a sturdy base & smooth mobility paired with an impressive payload.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Endless Dimensions

Explore your true filmmaking with swaying pans & fine tilt angles like never before.

See how the 32ft Grand Camera Jib Works

Camera Jib Arm (Wave-5P)Specifications

Jib Arm Material

  High Grade Aluminum

Jib Arm Thickness


Camera Jib Crane Length


Jib Pan Lock


Jib Tilt Lock


Jib each Arm length



  Black Powder Coated

Payload capacity

  21kg / 46.3lb

Jib Arm Break downs to

  8 Sections of 4feet each


Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Product Weight (without packing)

  Case1 : 31.4kg / 69.2lb
  Case2 : 17.5kg / 38.5lb

Product Volumetric Weight (with packing)

  27.64kg / 60.93lb


Material of Construction

  High-Grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  15kg / 33lb

Pan, Tilt, Roll Movement


Speed Control

Pan Tilt Roll

  Fast Speed

5 Sec

10 Sec

8 Sec

  Slow Speed

1 min 20 sec

1 min 20 sec

1 min 20 sec

  Note: All speeds are checked after camera balance.


  3 high torque, coreless 12V DC motors that rotate - pans tilt & roll the head   360°


  3 Silver Big Gears: Ø100mm
  2 Brass Small Gears: Ø14mm
  1 Brass Small Pan Gear: Ø22mm


  Minimum Height of Head: 23.5inch / 59.69cm
  Maximum Height of Head: 25inch / 63.5cm

Camera Plate Size

  12x3 inch, camera mount slot – 8inch

Joystick Controller

  Axis: 3
  Connectors: 4-Pin XLR male connector
                      6 Pin XLR connector
  Pan/Tilt Direction: Yes

AC Adapter input

  AC 100-240V ; Output 12V DC-2A


  Cable Length: 15 meter
  Cable Connector: 6-Pin XLR
  Battery Cable: 3 meter Long


Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Heavy-Duty Floor Dolly (D-37)



Wheel Diameter


Wheel Thickness


Locking Wheels


Height From Ground


Wheel Lock



Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Product Weight (without packing)

  16.5kg / 36.3lb

Product Gross Weight (with packing)

  23.1kg / 50.9lb

Big Heavy-Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD-B)


  Mild Steel

Weight of Tripod


Dia of Tripod leg


Length of Tripod



Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit

Product Weight (without packing)

  11kg / 24lb

Product Volumetric Weight (with packing)

  15.4kg / 33.9lb

Joystick Controller

Joystick Controller



  1 x 4‐Pin XLR male connectors
  6 Pin XLR

Pan Direction


Tilt Direction


Product Weight (without packing)

  10kg / 22lb

Product Gross Weight (with packing)

  14.91kg / 32.87lb

In the Box

32ft/10mtr Wave 5 Jib crane (Revised on 12-Aug-2017)
Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3)
Tripod Stand (W5-STD)
D-37 Floor Dolly

User Manual


Productive Filming Solution

Leave no angle unexplored with the Proaim 32ft Grand Camera Crane Full-Fledged Package- an ultimate solution for your diverse shooting needs.
The package includes a rugged tripod stand for optimal support, a durable pan-tilt head to capture every creative angle, and a floor dolly to give a rock-solid platform for dynamic moving shots.
It supports 3-Axis Camera Gimbals & Video Film & Broadcasting Cameras weighing up to 21 kg / 46.3lb, promising high reliability with maximum performance.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit
Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit


Expertly Crafted High-Performance Jib

Our modular Jib is engineered for optimum reliability and performance.
It features a central Fork that offers smooth pan-tilt movements while absorbing the operator's undesired vibration or movement.
Its color-coded suspension cables let you assemble the entire setup quickly.
An LCD mounting option enables the operator to view better.
Furthermore, we have included Hi-tensile weight bars to add counterweights, offering perfect balance for steady and effective shooting.


Smartly Designed Arm Sections

The triangular-shaped jib arm sections are divided into eight 4' sections, and each section fits smoothly and securely into another one.
It has a dual lock mechanism that strengthens the Crane System and makes it more durable.
Also, Arm length is adjustable, ranging from 16ft to 32ft, perfect for any shooting scenario.
Holes have been added to the tube section to save weight and reduce wind pressure without compromising the strength of the Jib.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit
Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit


Naturally Smooth Shots With Pan Tilt Head

The Proaim Spin-3 Dutch Roll Pan-Tilt Head with Joystick Controller is the ideal combination to control your Camera movements remotely.
The Spin-3 Pan/Tilt runs conveniently on 12 VDC from either a battery pack or the included AC power supply.
It can safely handle camera packages weighing up to 15kg / 33lb.
The Spin-3 pans tilt & roll at 360°, allowing you to create exciting cinematic camera moves.


Joystick Controller

The Joystick control system has proportional linear movement and comes with a 10-metre long cable and AC adapter.
The Dead spot in Joystick controls the unwanted distortions & the Damping function prevents the Head from sudden jerks enabling you to achieve smooth endings.
The Joystick is touch-sensitive:
Small movement – less speed & more movement – more speed.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit
Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit


Stable Base with Effortless Mobility

Furthermore, we've paired a heavy-duty jib Stand and a floor dolly to give your 32ft crane a rock-solid platform.
The heavy-duty jib stand is super sturdy and stands 42" with unbeatable strength, making it an ideal support for your 32ft jib/crane.
The heavy-duty dolly offers exceptional maneuverability with an impressive payload to carry & move the heaviest of loads with stability even in rough terrain.
Additionally, it features an outstanding framework with rubber wheels, built-in locks, and bearings that offer smooth moving shots while keeping your gear secure.


Easy Setup and Transit

A ten-pocket tool pouch is included for quick access to tools like Allen keys and wrenches, making tool storage sleek and effortless.
The Crane Package comes in custom-made storage cases to securely store and transport your gear.

Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit


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  • What extent the PT-SPIN-3 is waterproof and dust proof. Can you please let me know the IP rating of the PT-SPIN-3.

    The Proaim PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Pan Tilt Head is not waterproof, however it does have limited protection against dust ingress. Its IP rating is IPX0.