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Proaim SnapRig Half Cage for SONY FX3 Camera. CG251


Fully-Featured Cage
Gear up your camera with a Proaim SnapRig half-camera cage, exclusively designed for Sony FX3.
It is a modularly designed form-fitted half cage that offers full access to all the camera’s ports, functions, and buttons, along with great camera protection and accessory mounting flexibility.
Also, it comes with a separate HDMI Cable Clamp to keep your cables securely plugged in while you're on the go.

Proaim SnapRig Half Cage for SONY FX3 Camera. CG251
Proaim SnapRig Half Cage for SONY FX3 Camera. CG251


Mounting Options
The cage mounts to tripods and has multiple universal connections for mounting additional accessories.
The Built-in cold shoe mount and 1/4" & 3/8" threads are perfect for attaching on-cameras lights, microphones, etc.
And it has a built-in 15mm single rod clamp as well as a 15mm to 12mm rod clamp adapter to support a 12/15mm rod for mounting a follow focus shoulder pad, follow focus, matte box, etc.
Also, the cage has detachable NATO rail and ARRI-style mounts that are compatible with most SnapRig handles and monitor holders, offering you all the convenience for handheld shooting.


Smart & Secure Design
Designed with utmost attention to detail, it has a bottom Arca Swiss plate that allows you to directly mount the camera to a DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro gimbal; you can easily switch from handheld to gimbal shooting.
Rubber padding on the camera base plate prevents the Camera from twisting or scratching.
Besides, it has a build-in flat-head screwdriver making work easy & accessible.

Proaim SnapRig Half Cage for SONY FX3 Camera. CG251



  High‐grade CNC Aluminium

Compatible Camera 

  Sony FX3


  Rod Standard: 12 & 15mm Rod Clamp Adapter
  Accessory Mounting: Cage - Multiple 1/4"‐20 Threads
                                                  Multiple Anti‐Twist 3/8"‐16 Threads

Camera Mounting

  1/4"‐20 Screw

Tripod Mounting

  Cage: 1/4"‐20, 3/8"‐16 Threads & Built‐In Arca‐Type Plate

Gimbal Mounting

  Built‐In Arca‐Type Plate

Rod Ports

  1x 15mm Port

Shoe Mounting

  Top: 1x Cold Shoe


Proaim SnapRig Half Cage for SONY FX3 Camera. CG251

Product Weight (Without packing)

  0.19kg / 0.42lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With packing)

  0.6kg / 1.32lb


Proaim SnapRig Half Camera Cage
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