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Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R CG210


Fully-Featured Camera Cage
Revolutionize your shooting style and camera handling with Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage, exclusively designed for your Canon EOS R.
The form-fitted cage offers your Camera complete protection and excellent accessory mounting flexibility.
Also, it gives you full access to all the ports, functions, buttons & doors on the Camera.

Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R CG210
Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R CG210


Mounting Points
The cage mounts directly to tripods and has multiple universal connections for mounting additional accessories.
The built-in Shoe mount on top is perfect for attaching on-cameras lights and microphones.
And there are multiple Arri anti-twisting holes and threaded holes that let you mount monitors, LED Lights, etc.
The inbuilt strap slot lets you add a hand or wrist strap for additional safety and support.


High-Quality Design
Designed with utmost attention to detail, it has a sophisticated High-Grade CNC aluminum body to ensure long-lasting durability & perfect camera support.
Anti-twist pins and rubber padding on the camera base plate prevent the Camera from twisting or scratching.
And on the cage's bottom is a magnetized screwdriver for tightening/loosening the camera screws.

Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R CG210



  High Grade CNC Aluminium


  Canon EOS R


  1/4"‐20 Threads
  3/8"‐16 Threads
  ARRI Anti‐Twist 3/8"‐16 Threads

Camera Mounting

  1/4"‐20 Screw

Tripod Mounting

  1/4"‐20 Threads
  3/8"‐16 Threads
  Built‐In Arca‐Type Plate

Shoe Mounting

  1X Cold Shoe


Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R CG210

Product Weight (without packing)

  0.18kg / 0.39lb

Product Weight (with packing)

  0.47kg / 1.03lb


Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage

Camera Bolt key



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  • Will Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage is compatible with canon 700d camera ?

    The Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage exclusively supports the Canon EOS R camera series.